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Protect Your Identity
By Using IDentityUSA!

IDentityUSA membership includes ID Monitoring, ID Protection & ID Theft Recovery to help keep your personal information secure.

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Hackers can see everything you type

Did you know that stealing keystrokes from your devices
is the number one way that hackers steal your identity?

IDentityUSA plans separate us from the competition with

Patented Keystroke Encryption.

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EndpointLock Keystroke
Encryption Software Protects
Your Desktop and Mobile
Devices Against
Cybercriminals Who Steal Your
Identity and Money Through
Everything you type.

  • SSN
  • Email / Texts
  • Bank Account Information
  • Passwords
  • Credit Cards
  • $17.99/mo
    2 Devices
  • $21.99/mo
    4 Devices
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IDentityUSA Premier

Everything from the
package, plus...

  • Identity Monitoring
    24/7 Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Protection
    $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance
  • Identity Theft Recovery
  • Legal Access Plus
  • Financial Coaching
  • Tax Hotline
  • Titan Antivirus Software
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • $29.99/mo
  • $34.99/mo
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Identity Theft Headlines in the News:

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.

And it strikes a victim every two seconds. We live in a rapidly growing digital society that allows us to do more with greater efficiency. While there are many positive advantages of digital technology, unfortunately, there is the dark side of cybercrime and everyone is susceptible. In fact, one in four Americans have experienced cybercrime.

ID Monitoring

Include continuous 24/7 credit, SSN and personal info monitoring with alerts that notify you of credit changes and suspicious activity.

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ID Protection

Email and text alerts to notify you of changes in your credit and possible suspicious activity involving your personal information, along with zero deductible identity theft insurance.

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ID Theft Recovery

Access to a US-based team of Fraud Resolution Specialists™ who work on your behalf to restore your stolen identity and repair your damaged credit reputation.

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Device Monitoring

Access to malware protection, antivirus and patented devices. Keystroke encryption software to protect your desktop and mobile.

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